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Congratulations! You have reached the historic site of the famous and absolutely stunning Strange Matter science cartoon archive, created by Nick D Kim BSc(Hons) PhD and thoroughly nice bloke. Yes, the selection here was better than you could ever imagine, God how we laughed, but too bad now because the archive isn't here anymore so you've really have missed out on something. And that's doubly tough because when you started your search you were brimming with hopes and anticipation and you've only just successfully found the site and for a brief moment a little sub-process in your brain reported 'YES!' - but your joy and satisfaction was immediately crushed because as soon as you got here you discovered that the very thing you were looking for doesn't exist anymore, not in this reality at least. And that sucks, out here at the arse-end of this insignificant quantum branch of whatever-the-hellhole galaxy is that we've all washed up in this time around. So guess you're just going to have to get over that.

Can you still get the cartoons anywhere? Well no, not really. Not if you don't know how to traverse a wormhole.

Really though? Okay, call back in a couple of weeks. I'm going to re-launch and am working on a new website. In the meantime, try one of these:

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A residue is also available for either sale or rent over here at CartoonStock.

hellhole galaxy, aka the Milky Way

Permissions and free use: use of cartoons from this (former) site remains free for personal, non-profit, research, and educational purposes - websites, lab-manuals, newsletters or any conventional publication - as outlined in this handy document. If your use is in one of those categories and/or you've previously sought and received permission, that free-use permission right continues indefinitely. You might also find that all the cartoons are still in fact here on this site somewhere, just hidden.

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